Crazy Bird Comedy Cracks It

The first outing of a new comedy night in Ross-on-Wye was a side-splitting success. The show, held in the intimate ‘cabaret’ room at Walton Sports Centre was organised by Nick Bird of Crazy Bird Comedy, who already holds regular comedy nights in Stroud. The audience was treated to a raucous mix of comedy styles, from straight stand up to unusual character comedy, supplied by an excellent line up of seasoned (and rookie) comics, and with six acts on the bill there was something for everyone. I can honestly say that on several occasions tears of laughter were streaming down my face, and the whole room was whipped into a whirlwind of hysterical glee. Everywhere people were laughing out loud and clearly having a great time. Such is the power of a live comedy show. My highlight was squeaky voiced Canadian David Tsonos, whose priceless observations on the intelligence of cats, and the logic of countries choosing national animals – Canada chose the Beaver, while Wales plumped for a DRAGON – were top drawer funny. Becky Brunning, from Bristol, had a great routine about failing her driving test nine times, and Tim Hoskins, doing a five minute open spot, was forced into an encore by an enthusiastic audience who had loved him, and his story about causing a work colleague to fall off a ladder. The whole evening was expertly held together by highly experienced compere Geoff Whiting, who grabbed the room by the funny bone from the outset, and didn’t let go. Another show is being planned, and judging by the reaction to this one, Crazy Bird Comedy could build a regular nest in Ross-on-Wye, with some cracking good comedy eggs inside. For current information on What’s On in Ross On Wye, go to