Crazy Bird Lands Again

The Crazy Bird Comedy Club landed in Ross-on-Wye for its second night last week, and the show was even funnier than the first one!. A winning formula of four class acts and compere had the sellout crowd roaring their socks off. First up, Susan Murray oiled our laughing gear with her stories of ill spent youth. In the middle section of the show bearded giant Gavin Pond regaled us with clever songs about Donald Trump (comedians’ godsend) and goldfish, then Dickie Richards’ quick one liners (a la Tim Vine) were a joy. Brilliant compere Geoff Whiting steered the show to a resounding success with his fast wit and humour. To top it all, headline act Geoff Boyz was terrific. His recollections of mornings after drunken nights out were spot on, and his impression of Robert De Niro telling Vladimir Putin where to shove it, brought the house down. There is something truly glorious about a live comedy show. Nick Bird, who runs the Crazy Bird Club has worked out what that is, and has bottled it. Another show is planned for May. Do yourself a favour, watch out for more details on the site, and go.