CrazyBird Back to Roost

Ross-on-Wye’s very own comedy club, CrazyBird Comedy, was back at the Ross Sports Club for a third time last Friday (12th May), and the sellout audience enjoyed another hilarious night as regular jovial host, Geoff Whiting introduced a whole raft of accomplished comedians for their delectation and delight. First up was likeable standup Joseph Wilson with a whole gaggle of regional accents and impressions. His Donald Trump was very good, although he nearly lost the audience by suggesting that all the ugly people lived in Wales. He managed to claw his way back out of the pit he had dug for himself, but never flew like I’m sure he can. Next was one of my favourite spots – the interval! Judging by the rush, I am not alone in enjoying this part of the show. My appreciation is of course aided by the low prices of the sports club’s bar. After the break there was a real treat in store. Although when Hugh Davies, with his gangly, preying mantis style body, took to the stage with what looked like a massive Yamaha 625 slung round his neck, there were a few puzzled looks in the audience. Luckily the Yamaha 625 is an electric organ, not a motorbike. What’s more, despite the obvious weight of his organ, he quickly proved he could write and perform hilarious songs. The interval alcohol intake, together with Hugh’s laconic brilliance, proved a potent comical cocktail. My only worry is that he will definitely suffer from back trouble in later life. Many comics use self deprecation to win an audience over, and we have grown use to lazy comedians playing the ethnic card, the gay card and the muslim card. Graham Whistler has cerebral palsy, so dealing from his loaded deck is always going to be like walking a tightrope over the blackjack tables of Las Vegas. Still, a modern audience should be able to cope, and so it proved as the Ross Vegas crowd laughed along with him as he explained how he used his disability to gain drunken entry to nightclubs by playing his disability card… “I’m not drunk, I have cerebral palsy…” After the second interval (which was as good as the first ) we were introduced to the Welsh charm of Morgan Rees. Although the well lubricated crowd were joining in rather boisterously, Morgan kept his cool and delivered a very accomplished set. He is defiantly one to watch out for. Headlining was cheeky South African Mark Palmer, who wasn’t just funny, he was ‘balding’ at the same time. That’s multi-tasking at its finest. Mark cradled us in his gifted comedy hands and carried us in a protective cloud of mirth. Finally depositing us at the end of the show, with a feeling that not only had we been entertained, but our brains had been gently massaged for half an hour. You can’t buy that sort of experience (well actually you can, tickets to CrazyBird are £12.50 each). CrazyBird Comedy will be back in September. Watch out for details on