Magic On The Ears

Another unforgettable night at The Gig Club was experienced by an appreciative crowd last Saturday 26th May. Once again the venue was ‘The Venue’ on Hill Street, Ross town centre. On the bill was award winning Canadian singer songwriter Ian Sherwood, whose latest UK tour wound up in Ross On Wye. But this was no end of season wind down, because Ian was on top form and treated the audience to a spellbinding set. A one man band in the true sense of the word, Ian created musical magic right in front of our eyes (and ears), as he mixed and double tracked himself live, with the aid of his looper pedal. (For those unaware of the looper, its a clever piece of kit that allows you to record and loop your performance live, just like artists like Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall ). Its all very well having the technology, but to make it work to this standard, you need something else, bags of talent and skill, and Mr Sherwood has it in rucksacks. He plays a mean guitar, a very fruity saxophone and his voice, which has won him the afore mentioned awards, is still at its delicious best and just begs to be harmonised with itself. Combine this with his ability to string all these elements together into beautiful live arrangements on stage and it’s difficult to go wrong, and guess what? – he didn’t. He went very very right. This was the latest in a series of outstanding nights at The Gig Club, which is helping raise money for the ‘createROSS’ group to organise even more ambitious events in the future. If you value new live music. and want to see more of it happening in Ross, then watch out for the next Gig Club, come along and be part of the reinvention of original live performance in Ross On Wye. Visit to see what’s coming up.