Ross-on-Wye is reducing unnecessary plastic

by Yolande Watson An enthusiastic group of volunteers are helping the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to educate local businesses in Ross-on-Wye on reducing (or discontinuing) ‘unnecessary plastic’ use, especially the takeaway cups, plastic straws, plastic cutlery and stirrers, plastic plates, condiment sachets, plastic bottles and plastic bags they give to customers with food orders. They are celebrating an early success because already The Royal Hotel, Kings Head Hotel, Leonards at 39 and Truffles Delicatessen have said ‘No to Unnecessary Plastic!’ So, whilst one group concentrates on single use plastic in businesses, another group, Your Unnecessary Plastic (YUP!), is focusing on how we can all change our shopping habits to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic going into landfill. Each month YUP! volunteers write a column in the Ross Gazette which identifies an everyday item and lists an alternative (unnecessary plastic) option for readers to try as well as providing them with a recipe to make their own. YUP! is also asking local people to contribute their ideas, recipes and recommendations. There are also many other related initiatives in Ross-on-Wye:
  • DRINKING WATER REFILLS: we have an incredible number of shops and cafés providing free drinking water refills – just ask! Help reduce landfill and the cost to your pocket!
  • UPCYCLING: there are over 18 independent shops in the town centre that sell a wonderful range of quality up-cycled goods. Check out our ‘Vintage Shopping Trail’
  • RECYCLING: we also have many different charity shops that sell a wide range of affordable pre-loved items.
  • RESTORING: our local Men’s Shed restores many different items for individual customers, including those they can sell on to the public. The Ross Men’s Shed can be found at Unit 4 on the Ashburton Industrial Estate, directly opposite Aqua Heat. @RossonWyeMensShed
  • REFURBISHING: volunteers refurbish bicycles and sell them from their site at the Overross Garage, Ledbury Road, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7AS (next door to the Plough Inn and opposite the new Co-op supermarket).
  • LITTER PICKING: we are so proud of the work of the ‘Clean Up Crew’ which comprises another enthusiastic group of local people who go around the town picking up litter. Ross-on-Wye is leading a quiet revolution in reducing unnecessary plastic! Come and enjoy exploring our beautiful town.
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