Violette Szabo Museum

Violette Szabo Museum, Cartref, Tump Lane, Wormelow HR2 8HN

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Violette Szabo was a secret agent working for the Special Operations Executive during World War II. Violette took on special missions behind enemy lines following the death of her French officer husband at the Battle of El Alamein and as a result of her bravery was awarded the George Cross (the first woman to receive the award) and the Croix du Guerre. Violette was captured, tortured and executed in 1945 by the Germans.

To honour her memory and that of her husband, Etienne Szabo, their daughter Tania supports The Violette Szabo Museum as it enables people to learn about her parents’ bravery during the war.

The Violette Szabo Museum opened its doors in June 2000 and was the brain child of Rosemary Rigby MBE who was Violette’s aunt. Many years of fundraising and collecting artefacts from people who knew Violette or served with her during the war came to fruition on that day in June. Virginia McKenna who played Violette in the famous movie, Carve Her Name with Pride, attended the first fund raising event to launch the appeal with £20,000 being needed in order to get the museum off the ground.